The days of the course cover a wide variety of musical styles. This is quite deliberate. In the modern world of classical singing a singer must be able to turn their 'vocal hand' to all styles and types of music. This must be done without compromising on vocal safety and technique of course.

It means that Ann has chosen that each day has a genre, which develops all these styles, yet within the age and stage of each participant, and also widens their knowledge ! It also means that nobody can get away with singing only their favourite type of vocal music, and thus we can stretch them .........

The days follow the pattern shown below....

Monday - Opera or Oratorio

Tuesday - Song - Lied, English Art Song, Chanson et al

Wednesday - Light Song - Operetta, Musical, Gilbert and Sullivan, Ballad

Thursday - Ensembles - Duets, Trios, Part Song, Operatic ensembles etc

Friday - Free for All - Today you can sing your favourite piece of the moment of any style !

Papageno with an interesting selection of costume accessories.......

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